I originally planned to write a blog about my journey as a graduate student, discussing topics such as: 1) things I’ve learned, 2) surprises along the way, 3) how to survive all-nighters, and 4) how to squeeze exercise into a busy schedule (Do leg lifts while sitting on the couch, sipping a smoothie for lunch, catching your favorite TV show, and finishing a paper at the same time…I am a master multi-tasker, let me tell you! Don’t try this at home.).So…exciting topic, right???Totally sounds like something you want to read, I know.With topics like these in mind, I created my blog, started writing my first post, and BAM…2 months later, here it is.Clearly, procrastination is another skill I have mastered.

But in past 2 months, I realized that I’ve felt such a strong desire to write a blog because I want to find a way to escape from my busy life, even if only for 5 minutes (hence the name – Cinq Minutes).And since most grad students are total masochists, I suppose I can’t feel too badly that my first instinct was to write my “moment of escape” blog about grad school, the very thing from which I am escaping.

William Faulkner (or maybe Mark Twain…depending on the source) said we should “Write what we know.”At this point in time I definitely “know” graduate school. But I also “know” other things.I have so many other interests and goals that have fallen by the wayside in the past two years – all in my pursuit of a doctoral degree in School Psychology.Don’t get me wrong – I don’t regret being in school and I love my chosen field, but I sometimes do regret letting so many of my other interests dissipate.I feel as though I am growing and developing in my chosen field, but I have become stagnant in my development in other areas.

So…(get ready for my thesis statement – yet another handy life skill I’ve mastered as a result of being a student for 18 years and counting) I have decided to devote each weekly post to one of my now defunct hobbies, an interest I would like to spend time exploring, or an activity that I believe will help me grow as a person.In the week leading up to my post, I will try to spend at least “cinq minutes” each day, devoted to that interest/hobby/activity.At the end of the week I will write about my experience – the positive moments, the challenges, and how the experience contributed to my mental and/or physical health.I will probably ramble on about other thoughts/ideas that have been floating around in my head that week as well.

And as my followers (…for some reason the quote, “If you build it, they will come” just popped into my head – Field of Dreams anyone??), I charge you with the same task – take 5 minutes to do something you love or maybe even something you aren’t sure you will even like. The basic idea is that it should be something you are doing for yourself that contributes to your growth as a person.Then, tell me about it!I’m assuming that my future followers will have hectic lives as well.=)

It is so easy to forget to breathe…to forget to really live.This blog is all about taking back our lives – 5 minutes at a time (I know the end is cheesy – but I am feeling cheesy right now!).=)Here we go!